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OSHA inspections target lost work-time.
It plans to focus on industries that have a significant number of lost time hours in comparison to hours worked.

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Written programs can be used for consistency in the event of turnover in your safety trainers.
All specific information must be available to employees upon request
Programs can be offered as proof of employer/employee commitment to each Standard/Statute Top of Page

Am I exempt for required programs and training if I have 9 or less employees?
Having less than 10 employees does exempt you from some of the record keeping requirements but all of the written program, training and inspection requirements are still mandatory and you may be cited. Remember, if you have paid 10 or more employees in the last year, all Standards/Statutes do apply.Top of Page

We have some of the OSHA mandated programs now and already do some training. Can we hire SafeAssure to fill in where we might need additional help?
Yes. SafeAssure will work with you obtain complete OSHA compliance
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Your SafeAssure program sounds great, but can we afford it?
Clients are surprised at the low over all cost of our services. We work toward not only providing OSHA compliance programs, but giving our clients a full safety program that will most likely save you money and time once the program is in place.Top of Page

Do organizations need to have a Safety Committee and Safety Program Management?
The formation of a Safety Committee is only required if you have 25+ employees but most organizations implement a Safety Committee to ensure OSHA required tasks are completed and monitored. SafeAssure can assist you develop a Safety Committee.Top of Page

Notify all department heads and affected personnel of inspection– It is important to make sure all the affected employees understand that during an inspection OSHA will “consult with a reasonable number of employees concerning safety and health matters in the workplace” (OSHA).

*Note: When an investigator arrives at your organization,
make sure that he/she provides designated personnel with proper credentials.
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OSHA has five different inspection priorities including imminent danger, fatal accidents and catastrophes, employee complaints, programmed inspections, and follow-up inspections. Each of these inspections is performed in a similar manner.

The inspection process is as follows:

  • Opening Conference – The investigator will provide affected personnel “the purpose of the investigation and its intended scope of coverage” (OSHA). This meeting will determine who will escort the inspector during the walkaround.
  • Review of Postings and Recordkeeping Requirements – Workplace posters, injury and illness records (OSHA 200 & 300 Logs), and written workplace safety and health programs will be reviewed. MSDS sheets & Right-To-Know training documents are considered written safety and health documents and will be reviewed.
  • Walk Through Inspection – The route and extent of the inspection will be determined by the investigator. During the inspection the OSHA investigator will “observe safety and health conditions and practices” (OSHA). He/she will discuss any unsafe or unhealthy working condition that is found with the employer. The inspector will give corrective methods and in certain cases immediate correction may be possible. This doesn’t mean they won’t cite an organization for the violation though!
  • Closing Conference – To conclude the inspection the investigator will conduct a meeting with the employer and authorized personnel to discuss all findings and observations made during the walkthrough. The violations will be interpreted and the basis for assessing penalties will be explained. Time allowed to correct all violations (abatement time) will be discussed. The employer is also informed about contesting violations and extending abatement times.
    An official report will be given to the organization describing citations, penalties and abatement times to complete the inspection. Top of Page

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